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Okay. So I admit that I have gotten lazy.
Most of my journal is now public.
I really don't care much anymore.

If you want to read the FEW journals I have that are friends only, whatever. I'll add you if you comment.

after getting back to the room today i plan to...

finish roman way essay
do psychology study guide
big bang theory
watch mas mythbusters

hope i can get to all of these things =P
woah i haven't updated since june.

1. i live in tallahassee.
2. my classes are boring.
3. i'm changing my major to music therapy.

i think that's about it. =]
so three things.

1. orientation on monday! i'm SO BEYOND EXCITED and i can't wait until i'm at FSU for reals and can get settled, move into my DORM!!, among other things. i'm moving up there august 17. aowetisdfkl. it can't come fast enough i swear to you.

2. vacations! aside from tally this coming up week, i'm going to myrtle beach the 27th to the 4th and then going to tennessee sometime in july. i love vacations so much!! but i kinda wish i had a job & couldn't vacation... more money. so yay vacation and also boo vacation. lmao =P

3. rush! OMG YAY. I got all my stuff in order for rush and am signing up tonight and OMG so excited <33

i think that's all. nice to see you. i never have real updates lmao.

May. 12th, 2009

prom was a lot of fun =]
i hate being left out of important things.

Dec. 17th, 2008

so florida state just offered me the highest scholarship on their website soooo i accepted it & sent in my intent to enroll form =]

eta someone needs to remind me to send in my honors forms btw.
yay i'm going to disney this weekend
and then volunteering at gktw alllllllll of christmas break.

boo ib.

eta booooo tok essays as well, but i think those two are related enough that this one kinda goes without saying.