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Dec. 4th, 2008

lol i'm at fsu! woohoo. and i got accepted yay!

i really like it so far. i'm in the holcomb band which is very idk buuut i'm 3rd chair so i guess that makes up for it.

i'm excited for the prism concert tomomrrow. not so excited about waking up at like 6:30. no me gusta.

shannon's phone keeps getting texts. argh.

BUT. i really like fsu and dr. kowalsky. i'm auditioning here february 21 for music scholarships and i'm so excited =]

so yes. fun stuff.
fsu decision tonight.

Nov. 11th, 2008

so i kinda failed at all county but i still got in and "that's what counts" lol
yay going to winter park though =]] haha.

my parents don't even care about band that much anymore. my mom is just glad i'm not going to become a band director and my dad is glad i want to go to rollins.

i'm rady for marching season to be over & i want to freaking go to carnegie already.
=] that's all.
yay for being done with extended essay. =]]

Oct. 16th, 2008

soo this spring wind ensemble is playing at carnegie hall.

i've never been to new york before.

Aug. 24th, 2008

Pineapple express was wonderful. I'm so glad all of this dramallama is over. I had a TON of fun last night lol.

so brittaney came over and we worked on the band jackets and planning what we're gonna do this season/etc. then we went to azteca to eat mexican food. lol my car smells like mexican food still from my leftovers >.> oops! erica was there playing and we both kept cheering for her. haha. thenn me, brittaney, and rafael went to see pineapple express with rafael's parents. they're cool lol. i love his mom!

friday they went to dicker's book signing that i couldn't go to >.> but we all went to denny's. i have reason to believe that i'm quite pathetic though. i can't finish a grand slam =[[ i've never finished all of my food in the like 28957234 times we've gone since band camp. not even when brittaney and i split the grand slam lol.

but yes it was a fun weekend =] i already did some of my homework too! i'm so proud of me lol.

now i just have to work on my stinking history study guide =[
fucking music theory sucks. it's so boring.

Aug. 15th, 2008

michael phelps.

yeah i'm definitely marrying him.
oh so i'm in tennessee.
the baby is cute regardless of the fact that she's almost two and knows hardly any words.
i'm going home tuesday to do all of my cas hours.oops.

i'm so tired.
i want to go to boston right now.
movies i've watched this summahh

jesus camp
27 dresses
marie antoinette
made of honor
knocked up